Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Too Tired to Riot, Not Too Tired to Film and Record

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We made some magic last weekend.

In the course of 26 hours over 2 1/2 days, 13 bands stormed Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee and blasted away at a protest song written specifically about our awful, horrible, very no good governor, Scott "A Canadian Border Wall Totally Makes Sense" Walker. And every band brought their A-game. Whether it was Donoma laying down a triple-guitar attack, Lady Cannon using her two hours to improvise a jazzy piece of chamber-pop from scratch, or FowlMouth waltzing in, banging out your soon-to-be new favorite anthem, "Too Tired to Riot," in 52 minutes flat, every band rose to the occasion. We honestly could not believe how smoothly the entire weekend went. Everyone was on task and devoted to the idea of recording a complete compilation album in the course of one weekend. 60+ people doing heroic work, including our insanely talented engineer, Shane, who wasn't fazed by any potential curveballs or miking issues. He kept everything humming and helped every band play and sound their best. He's a hero. Book his damn studio and record your record there.

Meanwhile, the film crew assembled mountains of footage of every band. Chuck, Orin, and Ashley did stellar work behind the cameras, keeping three GoPros running while working with their own hand-helds. Special thanks also to Kara, Aaron, and Ellen for helping with setup, providing snacks, and in Ellen's case, doing pretty much anything that was needed, be it running for coffee or taking slo-mo shots! And did we mention food? Isa from Heavy Hand was on point with the weekend fuel, bringing cookies, lasagna and chili to the studio to keep gas in our tanks.

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So what's next? Hours and hours of mixing, mastering, and editing. We're shooting for a February 2016 release for this sucker, right in the thick of primary season, and we'll have a lot of work to do to make that deadline. But we're over the first hump, and that's absolutely amazing. We can't wait to share these songs with all of you.

T-Shirt Update!

Our first order has been sent to Scott at Hype Screen Print and it's all been paid for, so as soon as those suckers are in our hands, they'll be on their way to those of you who trusted us with a pre-order. We can't wait to post dorky photos of us (and you, if you send them!) wearing these shits. Soon, my pretties, soon. But until then, to all of you who have bought shirts, donated time, and especially to the bands that made this all happen...THANK YOU.

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