Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kick Rebecca Bradley off the WI Supreme Court this Tuesday and Bum Out Scott Walker.

Wisconsin, we need your help on Tuesday.

State Supreme Court justice Rebecca Bradley is a career-long Scott Walker toady, having been appointed to three different positions by him. She's his lapdog, pretty much. She recently cast the deciding vote on a case that has severe repercussions on our Fourth Amendment Rights to be protected from illegal search & seizure. Please read this and this Journal-Sentinel article to learn more about it. What's important is that she did not even hear the oral arguments in the case because she wasn't on the court when they happened, YET SHE CAST THE DECIDING VOTE ANYWAY. Like the rest of the Republican wing of this court, she is corrupt and shady.

But i have good news! Her seat is UP FOR RE-ELECTION, RIGHT NOW. We have a primary for "non-partisan offices" (in quotes because partisanship has destroyed the integrity of our court) on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16, and Rebecca Bradley is on the ballot running to retain this seat, along with TWO opponents. Only the TOP TWO move to the general election in April. One of her opponents is JoAnne Kloppenburg, a good judge who ran for the State Supreme Court in 2011 but lost to another Walker stooge, David Prosser (who ironically voted against Bradley on this 4th Amendment thing).

Experts are projecting that Tuesday's primary election will feature 10% voter turnout. That means YOUR VOTE HAS MORE POWER THAN NORMAL. Please go to the polls on Tuesday and help toss Rebecca Bradley out of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She sucks, and it would bum out Scott Walker.

Please share this message and get the word to your friends to PLEASE VOTE on Tuesday. REAL CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME, on the local level.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: Haunted Heads, "285 Feet Tall"

Haunted Heads deliver our second song and video for UNINTIMIDATED, the high-octane infectious "285 Feet Tall." The song is a pure distillation of what makes Haunted Heads one of Wisconsin's best bands--shimmering, complementary dual guitar harmonies, a rapid-fire rhythm section, and haggard, instantly memorable vocal hooks. Guitarist Andy Johnson wrote the lyrics from the perspective of Scotty Walker himself, singing "My hands, my arms are made of wood/With billion dollar strings/I can be anything." Although, to be fair, I think Andy's giving Scooter a little too much credit by assuming that he knows who Van Gogh was.

Share it everywhere! It's a hit in the making!

Monday, February 1, 2016

VIDEO PREMIERE: FowlMouth, "Too Tired to Riot"

UNINTIMIDATED: Wisconsin Musicians Against Scott Walker is pleased to premiere the first video and song from the UNINTIMIDATED project: "Too Tired to Riot" by Kenosha, WI's FowlMouth!

FowlMouth are a group of long-tenured Kenosha scene veterans playing a bare-bones, stripped-down dirty, bluesy punk rock. "Too Tired to Riot" is a perfect choice for our first video posting as the song encapsulates the overall frustration with Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republican party that inspired this project. As we have sat back over the past five years watching unions stripped of their power, education devalued, Wisconsin's resources and public lands attacked, and our state's middle class decimated, we've felt the need to rise up and do something more than vote, but the grind of daily lives often leaves us too worn out to do little more than share an angry Facebook post and call it a day. FowlMouth captures this feeling of powerlessness and exhaustion in an ironically upbeat, instantly catchy tune.

More videos are coming soon as we near the completion of this project! Watch out for more updates and information about release shows and more fun stuff coming this Spring!