Sunday, March 6, 2016


We're mere days from sending all the CD, DVD, and zine materials to their respective pressing/printing plants, so it's time to open the Bandcamp up to pre-orders! If you've been wondering when you could throw your money at us, now's the time. Click here and head to our Bandcamp page, where you can choose from the following pre-orders:

- For $10 you can pre-order a download of the UNINTIMIDATED CD, a 16-song collection of anti-Scott Walker anthems, in the audio format of your choosing! Included in the download will be a .pdf version of the UNINTIMIDATED zine, featuring lyrics, activities, propaganda, and a...well, I won't lie. There's a centerfold.

- For $20 you can pre-order the UNINTIMIDATED 16-song CD, the UNINTIMIDATED DVD, featuring videos of the 13 songs recorded at the August 2015 Howl Street sessions and interviews with most of the bands, and the UNINTIMIDATED zine, featuring lyrics, activities, propaganda, and did I mention a centerfold?

Also, if you pre-order, you will immediately get a download of the three non-video tracks on the comp: Damsel Trash's "Scott Walker, You're a Piece of Shit," "Left Mitten" by Venus in Furs, and "Bad Wolf" by Testa Rosa! You can stream 'em right now, in fact:

Remember - all proceeds from this project go to benefit Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and Milwaukee-area soup kitchens. DO IT!

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