Monday, July 13, 2015

We're bringing protest back to punk rock.

Here's the deal. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States on July 13, 2015. Waukesha County and rich white conservatives across the state rejoiced. But a lot of working-class, common-sense Wisconsinites listened to that announcement speech through gritted teeth, as we've watched this dangerous, power-obsessed sycophant systematically dismantle our state's government, our educational systems, our state parks...we could go on.

So what do we do about it? Sure, we can get mad. Sure, we can post clickbait articles from liberal blogs on Facebook and feel smug in our desktop slacktivism. Or we can do something tangible.

13 Wisconsin bands convened in a Milwaukee recording studio at the end of August 2015 to perform protest music that will be documented in CD and DVD form. The music on these discs will be used to distribute and disseminate information detailing exactly how Scott Walker has been a disaster as our Governor (and at the time, how he would have been equally disastrous as President, but fortunately for the country that's no longer an issue for this cycle). The proceeds from these documents will be donated to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and local Milwaukee soup kitchens, in the interest of helping those at the bottom of the food chain whom have been most directly affected by Walker's regressive policies. Here's how it's going to work:

WHAT THIS IS: A CD and DVD compilation of anti-Scott Walker protest songs performed live, in-studio, accompanied by an old-school, xeroxed fanzine. Punk!

WHO THIS IS: A murderer's row of angry, loud, Wisconsin indie and punk bands:
Body Futures, IfIHadAHiFi, Heavy Hand, Volunteer, Soup Moat, Holy Shit!, Tyranny is Tyranny, FowlMouth, Drillers, Midwest Death Rattle, Haunted Heads, Donoma, & Lady Cannon! Testa Rosa, Damsel Trash, and Venus in Furs have also donated tracks.

WHERE THIS HAPPENINED: Howl Street Recordings, Milwaukee WI!

WHEN THIS HAPPENED: The bands convened at Howl Street the weekend of August 28th, 2015, to record their protest songs live in the studio and on film.

HOW THIS HAPPENED: Each band had a two-hour block of studio time to play their song live, with minimal overdubs, if any. Each band absolutely killed it and we're excited to share the results with all of you!

WHY: Because dammit, we've gotta do SOMETHING.

Watch this space for updates, information, and all sorts of anti-Scott Walker goodness. The Weasel Governor of Wisconsin has been a disaster for our state, and he would be a disaster for our country. As musicians, we're not rich, so we can't really play politics. But we can scream really loudly. So we'll do that. 

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  1. Hey I was wondering if you guys are accepting anymore artists against walker? As a co-founder of Growth Productions, I represent the Singer/Songwriter, Activist, Social Worker & Multi-Instrumentalist One Man Band : Jacob Green. We would love to get involved in your project, Jacob has already written a song entitled :"Walk Against Walker (Take Back Wisconsin)" similar to his protest song "The March (March Against Monsanto)" which was inspired by the March Against Monsanto Movement.

    Jacob Green currently lives in Northern California, but was born and raised in Wisconsin and still tours home quite often while staying involved in State protests, plus his regional & national following has only expanded since he's toured over 40 states in the USA.
    Check us out online at: or on
    We look forward to hearing back from you and here's the chours for "Walk Against Walker" Song:"

    "Walk Against your Ignorance, We're walking for the Innocent,
    Victims of your Criminal Intent, Walk Against Walker take back Wisconsin!"