Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Waukesha Republicans are Creepy as Hell.

Wanna see something creepy?

My buds at Milwaukee Record sent photographer Wendy Schreier & writer Tea Krulos to Scotty's presidential announcement rally. It's some of the best photojournalism i've seen come out of Monday's event, and some of the best journalism Milwaukee Record's done, period. Some of the people in these photos are unnerving as hell, too.

That said, shout out to this lady for promoting our project:

Just for fun, see if you can spot any people of color in any of the photos. (Hint: you'll have a better shot finding Waldo on a map of Wisconsin.) Although, they had at least one minority audience member in the house for a little while.

He was invited in, but then asked to leave. That’s the story from Rep. Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee), who tried to attend Governor Scott Walker’s presidential campaign launch on Monday, July 13th at the Waukesha County Expo Center.
Barnes told FOX6 News he was inside the Waukesha County Expo Center prior to Walker’s speech. He had been chatting with Republican colleagues and snapping a few pictures. Right away, Barnes says he was singled out — he suspects, by a member of the governor’s staff. 
“And then she asked, would you like to stand on the stage? Would you like to be seated behind the governor? And we kind of looked and laughed because we were shocked. One, we were shocked and two, the irony of it all,” said Barnes.
Eventually Barnes was recognized as who he is--a Democratic state representative, at which point he was asked to leave, because god forbid any filthy libruls besmirch the holy proceedings. But man, dig the money quote:
As to why Barnes was asked to be on stage in the first place, Barnes is guessing a different kind of politics was at play.

“I took it as an honor that I was randomly selected. You know, how people get randomly selected in an airport, sort of like that,” said Barnes.
I like this guy.

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